Cella bids for Busch’s Grove….

Another tidbit from Peterson’s Post column:

CELLA IT TO ME: Charles Cella, 71, a prominent St. Louis businessman, has made an offer to Lester Miller to buy Busch’s Grove, which closed in May. Miller did not return calls Thursday; Cella said only: “We do not have a deal. I’m hanging up now.” He would not disclose details of the offer. Miller is a self-made multimillionaire who reputedly spent $8 million to revamp the 111-year-old Clayton Road restaurant, which he reopened in 2005. The Cella family owns Southern Real Estate and Financial Co., which holds commercial properties around the country. Locally one of the properties is the Clayprice Shopping Center in Ladue, just west of Busch’s Grove. That’s where Truffles restaurant, which Cella bought for his daughter, Harriet, is located. Cella oversees the business, which is run by his sons John and Louis Cella. The family’s history is steeped in horse racing. More than 100 years ago, brothers Charles and Louis Cella began a horse racing dynasty here. Today’s Charles and Louis Cella are named after their ancestors. The family owned several St. Louis racetracks that no longer exist, including the Fairgrounds Racetrack on Grand and the Delmar Racetrack in University City. The Cellas also opened Oaklawn Racetrack in Arkansas, which is still operating.

Could be an interesting deal. For the sake of our city…I hope the Cella’s can pull this off. In the wake of losing this landmark….and possibly AB….we need a boost.