About The Cheesemonger’s Wife

My name is Annie Lehrer and I married a Cheesemonger. I am  a nurse practitioner who took a leap of faith and bought a small farm just southwest of St. Louis, MO. Born and raised in St. Louis, I’ve been in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother since I can remember. Having a house full of family, friends and delicious food is my idea of the perfect way to spend an evening. A former travel nurse,I have lived in various cities across the U.S. exploring diverse culinary scenes. Food—and everything associated with it, from earth to belly—is my passion. I am married to an amazing man, Simon and we have made the most perfect little boy, Angus. When time allows, I am  swillin’ craft beer with my beer nerd crew, researching livestock, writing recipes, planning chicken coop designs, keeping up with the St. Louis art scene and spending time with my big Lebanese family. I love cheese.

One thought on “About The Cheesemonger’s Wife

  1. Wow! Talk about interesting. I was hooked from the get go. Cheesemongering! What a word and what a cool profession to go after.

    Just discovered your blog off of StLBloggers.com!

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