Busch’s Grove=new grocery store

wonder what’s going to become of Ladue Market?

It is a neat space for a grocer.  With the new Whole Foods in Town and Country, the pre-existing WF on Brentwood, and all the long time Straub’s customers…I hope they do well.


3 thoughts on “Busch’s Grove=new grocery store

  1. aw man, i used to live just down the street from Ladue Market, you know that big house with the green shingle roof at 9119? Me and my sister used to ride down there and bug the guys and the deli counter for Bologna, or go for our weekly candy fix. I hope they stay in business, i feel like it’s the last vantage of the mom and pop store in Suburbia Ladue/Clayton. certainly the last corner grocery. besides it was depressing enough when Bushes Grove changed hands and lost those cool little shacks out back. ah, good times… good times.

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