Flight of the Conchords!!!!!

If you don’t know about Flight of the Conchords…well…you should familiarize yourself.  Just got word that they have started production on Season 2!!!!!!!!  Yes.  Another non-cheese related post…but it’s the best I can do the day of my first Advanced Patho exam.  Wish me luck.

Prairie Grass Farm EGGS!!!!!!!

They were at the TG Farmer’s Market!!! Didn’t think to ask about the doggie rumor! Just bought two dozen and boggied.

Making the ultimate breakfast sandwich right now. Egg from prairie grass, cheese from wisconsin, sausage from Heinkebein and bread from 222.

UPDATE:  So, the rumor mill says thus:  The puppies got out ate all the little chickens….not the full grown hens.  They were next years flock.  So….we will have eggs for the remainder of this season…don’t know about next.  No dogs were EVER harmed!

Why I haven’t gone to Chicago in 2 years

I thought this was the most idiotic ‘law’ ever when it originated two years ago and I made a point to forget all about it. Then….after letting it slip my mind…it was brought up in conversation last week…I just assumed that Chicago had it ‘repealed’ almost immediately…because, in my opinion, what decent Chi-Townian could let something like this exist. Well, I was wrong…but luckily, somebody got some sense knocked into them in the Windy City and did something about it…they must have overheard my converstion.

Chicago overturns ban on foie gras in restaurants

Who let the dogs out?….Prairie Farms is out of eggs for a while

Okay…that was a bad pun….you’ll get it after I tell you this sad story.

Prairie Grass Farms’ resident German Shepards got loose and terrorized the hen houses.  Majority of chickens were lost…and rumor has it that there will be no more eggs from Prairie Grass Farms.  So sad.  I wonder what they are going to do with the leftover chickens.  If we were in the new house I’d take them for my urban chicken project.

Cheesemakers of the Week

Keepin’ it local this week…get out to one of our many wonderful farmer’s markets and pick this stuff up….it’s good!

Goatsbeard Farm is one of a few family farms in Missouri which is also a commercial goat dairy producing cheese. We have a herd of about 50 goats, and it is from their milk that all of our delicious fresh and aged cheeses are crafted. By remaining relatively small, and maintaining high standards at each stage of production, we can assure our customers the freshest, highest quality cheese—unlike any cheese you’ve tried before!

The Cheesemakers

Our primary cheesemaker is Ken Muno, who grew up in Michigan and studied Environmental Science at Oakland University. His knowledge and understanding of fine cheeses from around the world developed as he cut and served cheese to customers at Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor. His passion for making similar cheeses soon followed.

Ken’s training in the craft of cheese making began with an apprenticeship at Westfield Farm in Massachusetts, followed by additional training at Yerba Santa Dairy in California. These two dairies produce some of the most highly acclaimed goat cheeses in the country.

See you June 18th!

My advanced pathophysiology summer course started yesterday. What normally takes an entire semester to master, I’m doing in 8 weeks….so….I may not be posting as regularly as I would like to. This week’s assignment includes the first 10 chapters of the book and the beginnings of a 20 page paper. Fun, huh? Who wants to discuss the Krebs Cycle….anyone???? Didn’t think so.

St. Louis’ Urban Garden: New Roots Urban Farm

I read an interesting article in the NY Times this weekend: Urban Farmers’ Crops Go From Vacant Lot to Market

It made me think about our own town. I am a product of the city…born and raised downtown, went to grammar school, high school and university within a 5 mile radius of the city center. When I moved back to St. Louis, I bought a home 8 blocks from where I grew up and my parents still reside. However, I married a boy who grew up on a farm…..and the idea of living rurally has tempted me ever since. I am always looking for ways to bring the rural life to our little city spot. As the years have passed, it has become more and more apparent to me that I am wasteful. So, I gave my car away…to my brother who needed it. He is a farmer in rural Arkansas and could use the truck. I take the bus now…..I should ride my bike….that is the plan for this summer. Simon and I share one car. Sometimes it’s a hassle…but only because I have become so accustomed to driving everywhere. Just b/c I want to go to Target to peruse the items, doesn’t mean that I should waste the fuel. I have learned to make lists and be more cognizant of my time, use of the car and reasoning behind our purchases.

I’m embarrassed to say that we don’t recycle. I have lots of poor excuses: the city doesn’t offer free recycling, there is no where to store all of our recyclables in the kitchen, it’s dirty, causes bugs….the list in my head went on and on. Well….starting today we will begin to recycle. I don’t care if the blue box sits in the middle of the kitchen and doesn’t match the cabinets and the people tromping through our home (as it is on the market for sale) finds it ugly…..we will begin recycling.

I do use a canvas grocery bag.

Anyway, I digress…..the article led me to think about Downtown St. Louis. We have ALOT of vacant land downtown, especially north of Downtown. My family had a restaurant and tavern in N. St. Louis for over 30 years. The lot the tavern stood upon is now empty…the previous location is now part of HWY 70.

Is anyone using these vacant lots to their advantage? The answer is YES. New Roots Urban Farm.

Sadly, I don’t know much about New Roots….but I’m hoping to change that soon. Take a moment to visit their website. Help out if you can. I’m looking forward to meeting these folks and supporting their Farmer’s Market.  It’s every Sat from 9-1

Maybe they were talking to Bishop Burke here in St. Louis???

By James Grubel

Australia’s Catholic church has taken a swipe at foul-mouthed British chef Gordon Ramsay and demanded his reality television shows be either taken off air or shown at a later time.

The move comes as Australia’s parliament holds an inquiry into swearing on television, prompted by Ramsay’s antics in his series Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen from the U.K and the United States, now broadcast three nights a week in Australia…….

“There can be no excuse for vilification of this sort. We conclude that this episode should never have been aired on Australian television,” the Catholic church in the southern city of Adelaide said in a submission to the parliamentary inquiry……………..

The inquiry has received more than 50 public submissions, with the overwhelming majority in favor of tighter regulation and calling for the Nine television network, which broadcasts the programs, to censor Ramsay.

But the Council for Civil Liberties in Australia’s largest state of New South Wales said it has no problems with Ramsay’s programs, which regularly attract more than 1 million viewers.

“This inquiry is yet another attempt to restrict the freedom of expression of ordinary Australians. Not everyone is offended by coarse language,” the council said in its submission.

You know you watch it…you know you are going to go to this:

“Top Chef coming to St. Louis”
by Gail Pennington

Bravo is launching a long list of “brand extensions” for Bravo shows, with the most emphasis on “Top Chef.” The cookbook is already out, as is a mobile game; the additions include a “Top Chef” cruise in May 2009 (sounds like so much fun to me, except for the cruise part), a “Top Chef” culinary school and — most interesting for us — a “Top Chef” tour that will visit 20 cities, including St. Louis, beginning in New Orleans in a couple of weeks. Here are the available details, with more to come.

Kicking off NCTA’s “The Cable Show” in New Orleans on May 18, Bravo will launch “Top Chef: The Tour, a 20-city tour featuring a cooking experience that replicates the challenges on the series and hosted by former “Top Chef” contestants. A customized “Top Chef” 18-wheeler semi-truck will travel to 20 key markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, St. Louis, Detroit and Denver, giving fans a first-hand look at how to make it as a top chef – complete with cooking demonstrations, gourmet tips and show secrets.