Sorry for the delay…

It really is tiring driving through beautiful places, camping in the deep woods or along the shore of the Pacific ocean…throw in a nasty sprained ankle, lack of interweb access and a finicky camera….and it’s all just becoming a blur.  We are currently in Portland.  I’m nursing this nasty sprain….and we are catching up on some laundry…heading back to the coast in a day or so for some more camping then…well…we haven’t thought that far ahead yet.

I promise…a full length post once all is said and done….and if I can save the corrupted photo card…pics too.

But, all in all….we are having a glorious time…..too many breathtaking moments to recall in one short sitting….

Nixing Napa

It’s true…we may just nix our stop in Napa.  I know you think we are crazy but…..we were looking over the map last evening and if we want to be in Portland no later than the 13th….Napa may just have to be a quick stop for lunch.  We have loads of lovely events scheduled in Santa Barbara and Paso Robles…..hopefully sleeping in Big Sur…and getting up to the OR coast for a leisurly drive to Portland…..

so, sorry Napa….not this time.