I’d love to hear what you think about the site. Please feel free to contact me with any questions/feedback.

What you talkin’ bout Willis?: I love to hear from artisans, other bloggers, etc, but I ask that you keep comments non-promotional and on point. BUT…please provide a link in the author URL so that I can check out your site and show you the love you showed me.

Also, I encourage talk amongst the townsfolk… even dissent. Keep comments clean and above the belt. If you’re not nice…I’ll delete you…I swear I will…I’ll do it! I just don’t want to. Be nice, aye?

WP has implemented spam-prevention software, which should not hinder you in the least. Worse comes to worse you could be asked and extremely trying academic question (yeah right) most likely dealing with molecular biology or astrophysics. If you post a comment that you don’t see pop up on the site in a timely fashion — or if the challenge question proves too hard — email me and I’ll see what I can do for you. (wink)

Say Cheese!: I love sharing our photos with the world. This may trace back to my college days as an exhibitionist. Please feel free to snag them for your site given the fact that they will not be used for making cash-o-la. If I can’t make cash-o-la on these photos…nor can you my dear. Mama taught me to share..but please ask first.

Layin’ it on the line: Unless otherwise noted, all meals, drinks, and products mentioned on the blog were paid for by yours truly or the cheesemonger. In the rare instance where we have an affiliation with a business or any of its principals, we will note that relationship.

One thought on “Contact

  1. Hey there!

    Just came across your post about the dinner we did last night with Cosentino and Ruhlman. Thanks so much for writing it up! Was curious how you heard about it. Anyway, much appreciated, and please drop me a line if ever you make it to NYC. Would love to have you in!

    Best regards,

    Lesley Townsend
    Astor Center

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