Straight from the horse’s mouth

Barb Hillebrand, owner of Prairie Grass Farms say thus regarding the eggs:

Now for the chicken rumor…something did get into our new batch of young hens (probably our young Anatolian sheperd GUARD DOGS) they were to start laying in late July so production will be WAY down in late July(around 200 eggs per day or around 120 dozen per week!!) and we had just sold 300 older hens because their production was down and we can’t afford to feed them at the cost of feed if they are not producing.

Who let the dogs out?….Prairie Farms is out of eggs for a while

Okay…that was a bad pun….you’ll get it after I tell you this sad story.

Prairie Grass Farms’ resident German Shepards got loose and terrorized the hen houses.  Majority of chickens were lost…and rumor has it that there will be no more eggs from Prairie Grass Farms.  So sad.  I wonder what they are going to do with the leftover chickens.  If we were in the new house I’d take them for my urban chicken project.