i love corn….Cary McDowell makes me love it more…

corn is really good…untouched…right off the stalk, shucked and eaten.  nothing fancy…just corn…it’s good.

That is how I always felt….don’t need to mess with it….great of it’s own merit…….

Then enters Cary McDowell, executive chef/owner of Revival.  His take on Mexican street corn…..what you get is a gorgeous ear of corn, not overcooked…but cooked just till heated through…slathered with rich sour cream, Crystal hot sauce and big dollops of tangy goat cheese.  It was the best ear of corn I have EVER EATEN!

Do yourself and your mouth a favor…go to Revival…get the corn….then get another one….wash it down with a cold beer and possible get one more.  It’s that damn good.

Just knowing this corn exists in St. Louis makes me so sad to leave and move to AZ.  No doubt I will be attempting a recreation of this corn when I get out West.  No doubt.

sidenote:  the other aspects of our meal at Revival were excellent…had the calamari, sweetbreads, chopped green goddess salad, supper steak, pizza and mac & cheese….everything was “lick your plate” good.  It’s not often I say that….but there is no mincing words about it…..McDowell delivered last night.  I’ll miss Revival.

The only thing left is cheese….

Well…and some beer.  But most everything else has been disposed of properly.  Our home is an empty shell…save for a few ‘staging’ items for the home sale.  We leave soon….I’m excited now.  School is over…the house is packed and ready…all we need to do know is have a huge party and hit the road.  We are not rushing out west…we are going to take our time.  Stopping in OK CITY, OK…staying at a gorgeous boutique hotel...driving then to Winslow, AZ to stay at the ledgendary La Posada.….home of my all time favorite artists James Turrell.  His life’s work: Roden Crater is just north of us and I hope to get up there before we move back east.  I also want to explore the National Parks of Utah…go to Salt Lake City and see the Grand Canyon…..but all in good time…not on this first excursion out there of course.

Then into Carefree to unload the car, settle in to our new living space and have a beer by the pool.

I’ll get to take over 2 weeks off  of work before starting at the Mayo Clinic.  I have never had that much time off of work since I started bussing tables at Ricardo’s in 1991.  Can’t wait.

So…sorry about the lack of posts…I’m sure once we are settled in AZ I’ll have lots to say.  Looking forward to eating my way through PHX/Scottsdale.

My birthday used to be awesome….

now its not.  And it isn’t b/c I keep getting older…I kinda like that.   Its because my birthday is on July 4th and EVERYTHING is closed!!!!!!!!  When I was a kid…that was cool….no school EVER on your birthday…..everyone came over for a BBQ…you watched your Dad and Uncles get drunk and set of fireworks.  But that holds no appeal for me now.  Or…you would go to “The Lake” and God knows that is NOT an option for me.  I’ll pass on an overly crowded, disgustingly polluted, oil slicked man made lake.

All I want is a nice dinner…bottle of wine…maybe a few good beers….but NOOOOOOOO…..it’s America’s birthday too and we close everything down!  Stupid. Stupid Stupid.  I don’t want a backyard BBQ….jam packed with over cooked meat and pedestrian side dishes….I want to inhale a tasting menu at one of my favorite spots.  Enjoy being served in a beautiful restaurant.  This will not come to pass.   Guess I’ll have to celebrate on Thursday.

pity party for one.