Philadelphia Solo

First off, just to set the record straight…I did NOT bring a camera with me to Philly. I just couldn’t fit it in the suitcase and/or my computer bag. Afterall, this was a trip for work: the amazing restaurants were a by product. And not to mention my best friend from college still live in Philly so we for sure were not going to do any beer drinking, socializing or generic getting jiggy with it.

Friday: Day of arrival. I can’t begin to tell you how good it was to be back in the Philadelphia. I did a brief, albeit, culturally and culinary full stint in this old town back in the early part of 2004. I fell in love instantly. I lived in Center City but dreamed of a day when I would own a townhome on Washington Square. (still dreaming). Philly has a car share service so Blair picked me up in an Audi. Yep, an Audi. PhillyCarShare is no joke. So, first things first…Jim’s. Got a cheesesteak: order was for ‘american wit”. If you have ever ordered a cheesesteak you know what that means. If not….well, it just means I got one with american cheese and onions/peppers. Lucky for me B hid some Bell’s in the Audi and we had a nice little snacky snack on the corner of South Street and 6th. I dropped my bags at B’s minuscule apartment. (it was like living in a dorm room….loft bed and all) and we picked up Kitty and headed to Marigold Kitchen. The Marigold Kitchen is on the corner of 45th and Larchwood…nestled in a residential neighborhood. If you blinked you would probably just think it was somebody’s house. Very minimalist in it’s interior but welcoming. It’s a BYO so B brought a red and his buddy J brought another red. Fun huh. They were good little wines…jammy with great notes of spice. Have to be honest and say I didn’t pay too close attention to them. One was French the other from the pacific NW. Dinner was good. I started off with sweatbread nuggets and puy lentils and a chicken liver terrine on brioche toast with apricot mash and pickled celery. That was the high point of my evening. Not to say that my main course was bad…it wasn’t…it just didn’t pop. It was underseasoned and there was no salt on the table to use. But…despite that it was good. The chicken was tender and the cornbread stuffing was well…corny. The roasted cipollinis and brussel sprouts were done perfectly….it all just needed a bit of salt. The final course was a banana bread pudding. It was painfully obvious that they used the same dinner rolls for the bread pudding. There really was no custard aspect to the dish…they looked like cut up rolls with bananas on them. The flavor was good but I like really dense bread pudding….i like the custard aspect. Kitty had the chocolate cake with vanilla malted milk shot. The malted milk shot was good. Probably the best part of the dessert. B had a tart…i didn’t taste it. He said it was okay.

Next morning: Breakfast at Sabrina’s. By far the best french toast i have ever had outside my own kitchen. Challah lightly battered and pan fried golden brown. Had just enough crispiness and tenderness to make a great french toast. Real maple syrup and crispy bacon. It was nice enough to sit outside and enjoy the morning.

More to come on DiBruno Bros, D’Angelo’s and The Black Sheep Pub. So much to say…not enough time to write!!!

Lost in Philadelphia

sorry for the lack of posts this week. i’ve been in Philadelphia for a conference on work stuff and so i have neglected thee. as soon as I return…you’ll get the play by play of the AMAZING food i have consumed since Friday April 4th. Yum.

Everyone wish the Cheesemonger happy birthday.