The School of Artisan Food

I have been wanting to mention this amazing place for awhile now.  As you all know…graduate studies have put a damper on my posting…but this needs to be shared!  The School of Artisan Food in North Nottinghamshire….in the Sherwood Forest….THE REAL SHERWOOD FOREST….in the UK.  I hold dreams of taking classes there in 2010…..let’s hope that dream comes true.  But I hope my UK friends get a chance to get there and enjoy!

The School of Artisan Food


Baking, brewing…cooking, dairy….butchering….pickling and preserving….I AM IN HEAVEN!!!!  Why does all the good stuff open across the pond???  We need a US School of Artisan Food…..maybe they will open one here….but to be honest…I don’t mind the travel required….

Check them out!!

A brief hiatus

I just wanted to take the time to let my readers know that I will be taking a brief hiatus from posting on The Cheesemongers Wife.  As I enter my final two semesters of graduate school, I am finding that I am having a hard time keeping up the blog.  But…I will post as often as I can.  I hope to take up a more regular posting schedule after I graduate and pass my boards.

Keep exploring the wonderful world of food and cheese….I’ll be back soon!!

Take Care,