I never knew life could be this busy….and yet….

…come November it will get even busier with the arrival of the Baby Cheese. That is what he’s been dubbed by some friends…Baby Cheese. Too cute, huh?!? Life on the farm is amazing…and difficult and exciting and scary all at once. This city girl is learning how to live in rural Missouri..slowly but surely. The weather finally broke and it looks as is Fall is finally here. Evenings spent on the back porch..watching the fire and hot cups of tea is how we’ve been ending our days this week. Morris the Cat and Sammie the Wonder Dog have learned to live in peace and harmony for the time being, so that makes for a happy family.

The house is starting to look like a home…we are getting there. The kitchen is almost finished. Just putting the base boards and crown molding up. The interior of the farmhouse has been painted. Just need to do something with the living room/dining room floor…hang the roman shades…and a few other cosmetic touches…and before you know it…voila…a cute little farmhouse. We haven’t started on Baby Cheese’s room yet. It has been demo’d…but as he will most likely be co-sleeping with us for the first couple months…we decicded to focus on the main living areas for now.

Chickens arrive in two weeks. The bull has been here for a little over two weeks. All I ever do is see him eat…I hope he’s doing what he’s supposed to do. . Maybe he’s just a private bull…

A flock of turkeys has taken to the east pastures. About 20 or so. If you’ve never seen a turkey alive…running in a field…let me just say that they are not small…by any means. They are big ass birds.

The Pawpaw’s are bearing fruit. Looking forward to trying my first pawpaw in a couple weeks….if the animals don’t get them first.

Not everything is coming up roses…don’t let me mislead you. This is a real farm..in the middle of 500 acres. With all sorts of critters….and one of those said critters appreared to have died underneath the house…somewhere that we can’t find it. But rest assured…we SMELL IT! Luckily it’s in the bathroom only. The bathroom was added onto the house well after it was built…and it was put onto a solid foundation..not a crawlspace foundation…so more than likely something got in between the wall…and couldn’t get out. I am thinking mouse…or mice. Nevertheless, it makes for a very unpleasant shower. It is getting better…slowly but surely. The other thing that kinda freaks this city girl out is the sheer quantity of Daddy Longlegs. Also known as Pholcidae. They FREAK ME OUT! And the love living on our farm…and the back porch..and the front porch…and everywhere else. There are also a ton of Harvestmen, aka Opiliones. They are also called Daddy Longlegs in our area. I’m not ashamed to admit it…they are creepy…and crawly and I don’t want them on me…but…I’m getting used to them. Some say they are a sign of a good ecosystem…which is awesome…just don’t fall on my head when I walk out the front door. .

Stay tuned for more fun fact from the farm!