Per your request: Carmelized Onion and Fingerling Potato Soup

1 large yellow onion

2lbs or so (i don’t really know how much i had…about 15 or so fingerlings) : cubed

1 med stalk of fresh thyme

1/2 stalk rosemary

1 small clove garlic minced

4 tbsp butter

1/4 cup cream (or to taste)


low sodium chicken stock

carmelize onions until desired colour…i like them dark! in butter. add thyme and rosemary and garlic. add potatoes and brown just a bit. add chicken stock, season to taste. add cream off heat. puree with hand blender to desired consistency….and voila! easy onion and potato soup.

yum yum

First week on the market

We have officially listed our townhouse! We had a very impressive open house on Sunday. 6 people! The main focus now is to keep the house in tip top shape for any last minute showings. That is going to be a bit hard for us….as we like to leave things lying about…not fold our clothes right out of the dryer and eat dinner in our chair and a half while watching Tony Bourdain traipse all over the world. I also prefer to eat my dinner watching Rick Stein’s Food Heroes on the BBC.

I was at a loss over what to make for dinner on Tuesday. I had no fresh meat (just frozen and didn’t want to wait for a thaw). Just a bowl of fingerling potatoes, some onions, an open container of chicken stock that is on it’s way out the door and some cream. Potato and Onion soup it is! So, so very easy. And with the addition of some thyme and rosemary it was yummy. Thanks to the hand held blender I received as a wedding gift, it was creamy and smooth. Simon ate the entire pot in one sitting! (it wasn’t a big pot)

I would have posted a pic but, like I said…it was eaten before I could snap a pic. Sorry.

We had a wonderful dinner last night at India Palace. It’s our favourite place to go for Indian food. The service is wonderful, the food is consistently amazing and they have a tiki bar. Who could pass up the tiki bar. The one draw back of India Palace, is that no matter how often we go there, we always forget the secret way into the parking lot. You see, India Palace is located about 1/2 a mile from Lambert Int’l Airport, atop a Best Western (formerly a HoJo’s) There is no direct exit of Hwy 70 to the hotel. You have to get off an exit prior to the hotel, swing around to the feeder road and then follow some very small sign to the “Airport Plaza”. It rambles through a couple private parking lots and then voila!….you are there. Next step is to take the ancient elevator up to the 11th floor. Again, no signs. It’s like they want to keep this place a secret! As the elevator doors open, you find yourself in the last full fledged Tiki Bar in StL…home to India Palace. If you are ever so inclined for an adventure…set out for the hidden jewel. Take a GPS

Time passes too quickly for some

And I am one of those people. There just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to complete all the tasks at hand. The wedding went off without a hitch (3 months ago!). Please feel free to parouse some photos courtesy of Flickr 

Life is moving at full speed now. We are in the process of placing our little townhome up for sale!….and have decided to purchase a fixer-uper project somewhere relatively close to where were are now.

Bad News:  the small Northern Wisconsin farm is too small for a sheep farm.  Nonetheless, we are still working toward that goal and hope to be farming within the next 3-5 years!

More to come….bear with me!