what i’ve eaten since being home…

Tuckers for pizza and wings

Niche Taste Bar

King & I

A coca-cola from Ted Drews..it’s my favorite…it’s Kosher, ya know.

pork steaks


Winslow’s Home for breakfast

….I’ve still got a pretty long list until I’m caught up….i should just slow down, though…

….i’ve gained 4 lbs.

Updated 8/15/09:  White Castles, Basil Spice, Ted Drewes, Bobo Noodle, The Good Pie and Eclipse…..

Niche TasteBar

you should go there.  the drinks are amazing…the food spectacular.  Ted Kilgore is a mad scientist and booze genius…pair with Gerard Crafts inventive and satisfying food….it’s a win-win.   they also stay open late…where else can you get a great cheese plate at midnight, hmm?  need i say more?

it is really, really good…and fun…and just all around a nice place to sit for an hour or so……plus the music didn’t suck.

there…that is my review…done and done.

I am officially a St. Louis Food Blogger once again!

My first official post as a bona fide STL girl again…..TA DA!!

Not much to say except that a month long road trip across the US was an amazing adventure and I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to do it.  I will begin posting about the trip once I get a bit more settled and get my Midwestern bearings back….and stop sneezing.  Wow….never had allergies before….I’m hoping it’s just a re-adjustment period.

Good to be home!