THE DECK!……almost.

Simon made crazy progress on the deck this week! Old deck down…new girders up. We have decided to go with composite for the deck instead of treated wood. It took some time to decide on what type of material we would use for the deck but we ended up deciding on composite. We have a good number of trees surrounding the house and given the shape the original deck was in, we needed something that was durable and could be washed easily. Lots of birds and sap….need I say more?

So, here are some pictures of the progress. The farmhouse has been cleared of most of its contents. The dumpster is on it’s way next week….and the bathroom is next on our list. Should be awesome!


Fresh coat of paint!

Well, it’s progress. Hoping the decking and railings go up this week. I married the most wonderful man. He’s my hero.

I am searching for shutters. We need to replace two windows. Ideally we would replace them all, but some of them are newer than others and don’t need replacing. At this point none of them match! LOL.

I would also like to put a stone facade on the foundation to match the fireplace. It will be tough to match the fireplace perfectly b/c the stones from the fireplace were taken from the creek and we don’t want to remove stones from the farm again. Wish me luck!


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