Farmhouse Kitchens

In our teeny tiny farmhouse, the kitchen is by far the largest room. I have been rummaging through magazines, design blogs and books looking for inspiration. Below are pictures of kitchen that have caught my eye. There isn’t one specific picture that makes me say “THAT’S IT! THAT IS THE KITCHEN I WANT!” However, each picture holds something that speaks to me and a small idea that I would like to incorporate into our farmhouse kitchen. We are not going to do a complete renovation. Just going to ‘spruce’ things up a bit….or at least that is the plan as of now….who knows what will happen if I keep perusing these magazines and design blogs!?!

Above: Courtesy of This Old House

Above: Courtesy of This Old House

Above: Courtesy of This Old House

Above: Courtesy of This Old House

Above: Courtesy of This Old House

Above: Courtesy of This Old House

7 thoughts on “Farmhouse Kitchens

  1. I’m in the process of putting a kitchen in from scratch in a farm worker suite we’re putting in the basement.

    One pattern clear from these photos is the sink goes by a window. I guess that’s because washing dishes is the least involved thing you do in the kitchen, and you need diversion…

  2. Jan: That is for sure. Sadly in our farmhouse, the sink is in a goofy spot facing the north wall. We are hemming and hawing over the notion of moving it over by the west facing windows…but they are extra large windows and would have to be revised if we we did…and that is one direction in which we don’t want to venture.

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  4. Last November, as part of preparing for a major kitchen renovation, Carol Blymire over at had a post in which she asked her readers “What do you love about your kitchen?”. It’s a great post with a TON of comments; what people are glad they did, wished they hadn’t done, what turned out to be important that they hadn’t considered, what was pointless that they thought SO important. In all it’s a great short guide on, at least, design and functionality aspects of renovating a kitchen.


    FYI: The post was from November 22, 2010

  5. So the other day my mom and I were chatting about this. I’m going to pass this post along, emailing it now. Thank you for the awesome post and the happy coincidence.

  6. I love those farmhouse kitchens!..somehow thinking about the details of re-doing a smaller space is more appealing than starting completely from scratch or with a huge room.
    My favorite kitchens are small, simple, functional; they’re a lot easier to live and work in. Have fun – every little thing you do will make you happy.

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