Flying Pigs Farm



I know this isn’t a cheesemaker, but this family is doing something that is important and dear to my heart. Flying Pigs Farm. They breed and raise heritage breed pork. Michael Yezzi and Jennifer Small keep Glouchester Old Spots, Large Blacks and Tamworths. These 3 breeds are very old and very rare these days. The farm is located in Washington County in the great state of NY.



Our pigs are Large Blacks, Gloucestershire Old Spots, and Tamworths. These breeds are quite old and now rare. Pork from these breeds is more moist and has a better flavor and texture than the pork from conventional hybrids.

It may seem odd to use rare breed pigs for pork, but these breeds simply will not survive unless a market for these animals can be created. Already 6 of the 15 breeds of pigs raised in the United States in the 1930s are extinct.


For more information about conserving breeds of farm animals, contact the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (

The pigs on Flying Pigs Farm are able to roam freely on the grounds and assist the farmers in managing their land. You can order direct from Flying Pig Farm…but if you are heading to NY or the east coast anytime soon, their products are found in the following restaurants:


Applewood (Brooklyn)
Beekman Street Bistro
(Saratoga Springs, NY)
Cleaver Company/Green Table (Manhattan)
Craft (Manhattan)
Diner (Brooklyn)
Fiamma (Manhattan)
Gramercy Tavern (Manhattan)
Il Buco (Manhattan)
Lunetta (Brooklyn)
Mas (Manhattan)

Mezze (Williamstown, MA)

Pangaea (North Bennington, VT)

Savoy (Manhattan)

Telepan (Manhattan)