Christmas came early to the CWE

Seriously!  How lucky are the residents of the Central West End (CWE)!?!  Gerard Craft opened Brasserie by Niche in the former Chez Leon space.  With Perry Hendrix at the helm of the stove, the CWE folks have just gotten themselves one heck of a neighborhood hotspot! Focusing on classic French bistro fare, you’ll never eat onion soup anywhere else.  Cassoulet, moules frites, French cheeses, country pate….and an amazing croque monsieur…coq au vin…you’ll feel like you are sitting in a Parisian bistro! With a nice beer and wine selection…Brasserie By Niche is one of my new favorite places to go. Lucky for me it’s a stone’s throw from the hospital…and after a long day caring for the masses…Brasserie is a welcome respite!

Next up: Pi!! Pi is close to opening its doors in their new CWE locale! That makes the third space opened by Chris Sommers! With the crazy success of his spot in the Delmar Loop..and the cult-like obsession cultivated at the Kirkwood spot he is about to dish out some of that crazy good cornmeal crust deep dish on the corner of Euclid and McPherson! And to make it even better Mathew Rice is going to be doing his ingenious desserts at the new CWE locale! His milkshake bar at the Kirkwood locale is a favorite already.  I suggest a Purple Cow or a chocolate malted milkshake if you make it out Kirkwood! The CWE spot is geared toward adults with a gorgeous reclaimed eco-friendly bar manned by Chad George!

So…no more complaining about the CWE not having anything new….get over to Brasserie (open NOW!) and Pi (slated to open to the public on Tuesday 12/ 15/09!)

Chris Sommers goes to Washington

photo by Whitney Curtis

photo by Whitney Curtis from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

…and he’s bringing some pizza with him.

After having a slice on the campaign trail…Barack Obama was hooked,  just like most of St. Louis, on Pi….and who can blame him.  It really is great pizza….in my book…the BEST in StL has seen in eons.  Now, I am an Imo’s fan…don’t get me wrong but as we all’s an accquired taste…one that is moslty only appreciated among natives.  But Pi on the other hand is delicious any way you look at it…from any location in the Union.  That is why Barack had Chris and his crew come up to DC this week to throw some dough for him and his brood.  Now that is what I call great delivery service!!!

Not bad Sommers….not bad at all.