You only have scraps of cheese???

No fear…you can now have what the French call Fromage Fort. It is the EASIEST recipe you will ever read.  It goes alittle something like this:

1. Gather up about a 1/2 pound of cheese scraps

2. Chuck ’em in the food processor

3. In goes a couple cloves of garlic

4. Slosh of white wine

Salt and pepper to taste….

Whiz it all up til kinda smooth…depending on how you like it. I like a little texture.

Put in ramekins…serve at room temp with crackers, toasted baguette…BILLY GOAT POTATO CHIPS

It keeps forever in the fridge if wrapped airtight. I love this stuff….and it’s different everytime…depending on what kinda cheese you have. I’ve never had it NOT turn out delicious.