Morning Brew…..

there were a couple of things that we brought with us from St. Louis, knowing full well that we would not be able to find their equivalent for in the Scottsdale/PHX area.  One of them was Goshen Coffee.  I was lucky enough to have gotten the advice from a fellow blogger about 222 Bakery/Goshen Coffee, oh what seems so long ago…..since that fateful drive over to Edwardsville, Illinois those many moons ago….we’ve been hooked.  Goshen Coffee IS the only coffee I will brew at my home.  Imagine my suprise and joy when I found out the Mathew Rice/Gerard Craft were to begin serving Goshen Coffee at Veruca Bakeshop…..oh, what a lucky girl was I…..but then we got the news that we were to leave our little home in St Louis and travel to the great unknown that is Arizona (and it’s still a super weird place for me….I have yet to adjust to my new surroundings).  So, the list began:  what to bring with us (food-wise):  where are we going to buy cheese?…bread?….grass fed meat?….does Arizona even have the ability to grow vegetables?  In time, we have found some decent proprietors of goods….but one thing was not going to be left up to chance….it was way too important to our existance….COFFEE.  We brought 5lbs of whole bean coffee with us from Goshen…..we are down to 3 already and it’s only been a month…, I guess I better call the kids in E-Ville and place an order for delivery.

P.S.:  we found an amazing rancher that does grass fed beef, lamb and free range chicken/eggs….he and his wife deliver to our area once a month….A BAR H Farm.  Still hoping Si can work a miracle out here for cheese…the pickin’s are slim….the best cheese shop is a mere 4 1/2 hour drive to Vegas.  McClendon Produce is our other source….only available at the Chef’s market on Weds mornings…..a very long distance from our new digs…so…it’s been a struggle to get out there and see what he’s got….I hear it’s amazing.