Menuism….they think cheese is important.

So, along with all of the exciting graduation news….I have some exciting blog news too. I have been asked by the founders of the new website Menuism, a new website that combines restaurant menus, food/restaurant reviews, dining journals and social networking, to be an guest author! Menuism  was started as a means for friends, family, and community to enlighten each other about their dining decisions at local restaurants. Part of the Menuism project is to utilize experts to offer up opinion, advice and information about particular subjects pertaining to dining, food, entertainment and good living. And they asked moi to be the expert blogger on cheese!  I’m VERY excited about this project and looking forward to sharing the world of artisanal cheese.  So, check it out! The expert blog launch is scheduled for July 19th! There is a super neat roster of expert bloggers and more will be added as time passes.

5 thoughts on “Menuism….they think cheese is important.

  1. Your new venture will, for sure, be added to my “Favorites” section. The folks at “Menuism” made an excellent choice!!

    Also. . .glad to see that you’re posting again (I check your website often) – I do get it that grad school is a jealous partner. . .as in, it wants ALL of your time and attention . .and. . . congrats on your degree!!

    • Thanks Mary Ann! I’m happy to be back…and happy to have finished up my graduate program! Have a great weekend and be sure to eat some CHEESE!

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