Hey?!? Who’s a graduate school graduate?

ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That’s right kids. This cheesemonger’s wife graduated. No more 12 page papers on hemodynamic monitoring…no more midterms and finals…and best of all…NO MORE 4am wake up calls! Whew….thought this day would never come. But, I have to be honest. Now that it’s over….I’m having a bit of separation anxiety. I don’t know what to do with myself. I still feel guilty spending hours down at Gelateria Tavolini or Foundation Grounds NOT studying Nursing but blogging, catching up on my aimless internet browsing and reading my Kindle. Apparently it’s very normal for us to have some anxiety upon graduation. I wasn’t expecting it but….it’s here and I’m dealing. I have spent the past two years focused intently on this goal…and now that it has been reached I;m kinda at a loss. So, to substitute on goal for another I embarked on a weight loss journey starting in May. Some folks would say that is crazy to do during graduate school but…hey…glutton for more than just food I guess. I like punishment too.  So…I’m down 10% of my body weight so far. I’m pretty damn pleased with myself. Now that school is over, I’ve been able to start up my workout routine again and the lbs are just flying off now.

It helps that the vegetable garden at the farm is BOOMING!  I mean…wow. Neither Simon nor I was prepared for how WELL the garden would grow…but apparently when you plant a vegetable garden in the middle of a cow pasture…it really takes off. We left town for a couple days and didn’t get down to the farm for about a week to do maintenance. Well, that was a mistake. The weeds were…well, there are no words for the weeds except HOLY EFF!!!! When I saw it for the first time, I was speechless…and totally overwhelmed. I thought the garden was a goner…but we saved it…and it’s flourishing. We are STILL cleaning up the rows but things are looking beautiful. Thanks to Simon of course….he and my Dad have done the majority of the work up until now. I’m really looking forward to having more time to spend down there. I have been going down there sporadically since school took up most of my time…just about once  a week….but now…I can go down to the farm a lot more and tend to my plants. I’m sure Simon will be glad to have the help. Some other interesting things are happening with the farm that I’m just not ready to share yet…still have to work out some details but it’s gonna be totally awesome if it actually happens. Fingers crossed, friends!!

It’s nice to be back on the blog wagon….sorry I was gone for so long. But now…I’M BACK BABY! Get your bikinis back on b/c things are just starting to heat up around here!!!

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