Here goes nothing….

Well, the garden is in. Simon and I have been working on the test garden down at the farm for the past couple weeks. With both of us working full time, and me finishing my last semester of grad school….it took us awhile but we finally made some headway. I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures to show yet…but soon we will have some video/photos of the farm to share. Looks like there will be some film students doing the initial filming of the beginning of the farm and I’m very excited about that. I want to document this amazing opportunity we have and just don’t have the time to do both the filming and the farming. So you might be wondering what’s in the garden. Well, let me tell you: tomatos, peppers, eggplant, corn, herbs, beans, eggplant, cucumbers, leeks, carrots, and some mystery plants that managed to loose their tags! I guess we will see what they are soon enough.

The garden is in the cow pasture. Yep. It had the best soil and we were able to put up a great fence to keep the cows/calfs out. They are very interested in what we are doing, however. Especially the baby cows. They love gathering along side the barbed wire and watch us work. I like the company. I almost have them comfortable enough to eat out of my hands. One big boy is not afraid at all. Comes right up to the truck.  I have to remind myself that they are not pets….this will be the hardest thing for me but I think I’ll manage.

School is *almost* over. 7 more weeks! Then I will have more time to post….stay tuned to see how the garden grows!

One more thing: the farm’s name. We are using Lehrer Farms right now….we are not set on it but it fits for the time being. Any other suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Here goes nothing….

    • He is! He is the cheesemonger at the Wine Merchant in Clayton! Stop in and say hello next time you are in town. Thanks for the support. Blogging has suffered this spring/summer….I’m finishing up my graduate degree. Done the 16th!….then I’ll have lots more to write about!

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