Pimento cheese recipe, comfort served

Pimento cheese recipe, comfort served

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6 thoughts on “Pimento cheese recipe, comfort served

  1. I grew up in the south refusing to eat pimento cheese. Silly me.

    The recipe I prefer, to avoid the electric orange effect, is: jack + white cheddar, pimentos, roasted poblanos, and red onions. Mix with mayonnaise, or, to really kick it up, basil mayonnaise.

    If I had the exact proportions, I’d share them, but I eyeball it, and am guessing you can, too.

    PS – Thanks for being a FB fan of Cake v. Pie! Seems like we perhaps have the Beebes in common?

    • Thanks for posting! Yes, Mark and I went to university together….and we were super lucky when Catherine won his heart! Two of my most favorite folks in the world.

  2. Hello, Just discovered your blog. Love the name! And I love cheese, so I’ll be coming back on a regular basis. Pimento cheese is a treat. I especially like it in tea sandwiches with a nice cup of strong black tea.

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