Sorry for the delay…

It really is tiring driving through beautiful places, camping in the deep woods or along the shore of the Pacific ocean…throw in a nasty sprained ankle, lack of interweb access and a finicky camera….and it’s all just becoming a blur.  We are currently in Portland.  I’m nursing this nasty sprain….and we are catching up on some laundry…heading back to the coast in a day or so for some more camping then…well…we haven’t thought that far ahead yet.

I promise…a full length post once all is said and done….and if I can save the corrupted photo card…pics too.

But, all in all….we are having a glorious time…..too many breathtaking moments to recall in one short sitting….


5 thoughts on “Sorry for the delay…

    • R U Serious? Do you think I wouldn’t be? I hit up Deschutes AND Rogue in one night…then Rogue again on the coast. Good God, girl….I LOVE BEER! Sadly, there was one beer I got (late night after delicious Rogue) that was not good….I can’t remember the name. I’ll ask Alex…I’m sure he wasn’t as drunk as me. Nonetheless, it was not good at all….blech.

  1. Hi annie and simon,
    So sorry about your ankle Annie. I am still very envious about traveling and getting out of the phoenix sun. wishing you both well. Kathy

    • Kathy…I CANNOT begin to tell you how many compliments I am getting on my bag. I’m use the small one right now…it’s perfect and holding load of stuff. It’s working great. The ONLY thing that I have noticed is that it is shedding on my clothes…just the burlap part…other than that, PERFECT!

      • annie
        That makes me very happy!! The burlap shedding will go away the more you use it and it will become really soft.
        Looks like our AJ’s will be closing due to the bankrupty. Everything is so up in the air, quite scary. Who will be allowed to stay with the company and who they will let go is the million dollar question.

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