Returning home….

It’s been a long year (well…7 months to be exact).  But by the time we return to STL permanently, it will have been a year.  I am looking forward to getting back home, close to friends and family…and especially to the city that I have come to love all over again.  I was born and raised in StL.  I left as soon as I found a car able to handle the drive….but after my years of living away from my hometown, I found myself falling in love with it when I moved back in 2004…seeing it through new, unbiased eyes….gosh, I can’t wait to get back.

We plan on doing a bit of a detour before heading home.  We will leave PHX and take a round about way home…heading over to L.A., up Hwy 101 to Napa…the Oregon Coast…up to Victoria BC….over to Glacier NP….through Montana and N. Dakota…across Minnesota…stopping in Glidden, WI to spend some time with Grandma & Grandpa…then a straight shot down to St. Louis. …then catching our breath for a couple days before flying to Massachusets for a wedding!  Whew!  It will be a whirlwind summer trip but my goodness…it will be spectacular.  4500 miles in all….over 75 hours driving time.  We hope to camp, hike…do some good eating and drinkin’…check out some dairies and meet some cheesemakers…..not bad before I head back into the final year of graduate school….

Stay tuned for a more detailed plan…and I’m always up for suggestions!!


5 thoughts on “Returning home….

  1. Great trip coming for sure. I just drove the 101 from basically Frisco to Vancouver this summer. You will be so happy–Redwoods!….and Glacier? Well that place IS where it’s at.

    Have fun. The PNW is absolutely awesome…

    • Oh, we plan on it. I’m very excited. French Laundry is on the radar! Camping in Napa Valley…staying at a great beach cottage a couple nights….looking forward to testing my tent on the Oregon coast! LOL! I am really excited about Victoria, BC…I hear it’s amazing! Never been to MT or ND….it will be the trip of trips! Thank goodness for my digital camera.

  2. Hi Annie,

    I found your site believe it or not while doing ancestry research. I noticed you had started a Denny family tree. I can help with some of the Denny side if you would like to have it. So good to hear of your wonderful lifestyle with the traveling. Take care and good luck with the sheep farm business.


    Uncle Mike

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