Chris Sommers goes to Washington

photo by Whitney Curtis

photo by Whitney Curtis from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

…and he’s bringing some pizza with him.

After having a slice on the campaign trail…Barack Obama was hooked,  just like most of St. Louis, on Pi….and who can blame him.  It really is great pizza….in my book…the BEST in StL has seen in eons.  Now, I am an Imo’s fan…don’t get me wrong but as we all’s an accquired taste…one that is moslty only appreciated among natives.  But Pi on the other hand is delicious any way you look at it…from any location in the Union.  That is why Barack had Chris and his crew come up to DC this week to throw some dough for him and his brood.  Now that is what I call great delivery service!!!

Not bad Sommers….not bad at all.

5 thoughts on “Chris Sommers goes to Washington

  1. Barack has good taste. We were just there last week and finally tried the deep dish (we had only previously tried the thin crust). Both are delicious in different ways. If I ordered from there again, I would get a plain cheese thin crust. Pi is definitely my favorite place to go for pizza here.

    I laughed when I read your comment on my blog. Ellie wanted to know why… I told her it is “because someone calls you sassafras”. Ellie had a difficult time pronouncing that word ;o)

  2. I haven’t been there, yet. And I love pizza. I did go to the Good Pie a couple of weeks ago and I wasn’t all that impressed, but maybe it was the pizza I chose (The Good Pie). On the other hand, my issue was the lack of cheese, and that might be a Napolitan (?) thing (like the lack of actually cutting the pizza before serving).

    Looking forward to Pi…maybe this weekend, if the husband is up for it.

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