Keys Change Hands at 33 Wine Bar

From Jake:

It was with great privilege and deep happiness that I signed a term letter yesterday and agreed to pass 33 onto my close friend, Jeff Stettner.  

Best of luck to you in your new adventure, Jake.  We will miss seeing you behind the bar.

5 thoughts on “Keys Change Hands at 33 Wine Bar

  1. Ahh we can talk again without getting in trouble! Haha! You wouldn’t believe all the texts I got today when STLToday posted the email in full. If nothing else I am excited for Jake to get to travel and it will be cool to sit along side him on the other side of the bar!

    • It is an exciting time for all parties involved. I have to be honest when I say that I do not know the new owner but from what I hear he is on the up and up…and I have to respect Jake’s choice and trust that he wouldn’t just sell it willy-nilly. I am just really happy we will be home in Feb for a visit to see Jake one more time. Simon made a very good point earlier: “there is a reason why we called it Jake’s instead of 33”. And I only hope that soon, it will be known as Jeff’s.

    • simon also wants the new owner to know that I have a penchant for skipping out on my checks at 33….Jeff…are you listening….???? It’s a funny story actually. My good friend took me to 33 on the night of Simon’s bachelor party and I over-imbibed (or as some make call it: getting stinking drunk). I thought my friend paid the tab and she though I paid the tab…next thing you know…she’s pouring me into her car on Park Ave when Joe or Dylan…( I can’t remember) came out and brought the matter to my attention…..ah…good times.

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