Sweet Baby Jesus…..

there is something ROTTEN in our fridge. 

Wait…no…not rotten….it’s a smell I was once accustomed to…even fond of…ah…the smell of REAL CHEESE!!

That’s right folks…we broke down and put an order in to our friends up in the GREAT WHITE NORTH and got us some real cheese….and Tuscan SUPER ham…and olive oil…and chocolate…and some vinegars.  I must admit…the shipping rate was like a nasty slap in the face on a crisp winter day…but once the initial sting wore off…I was able to enjoy our good tidings. 

So…over the next couple days….I plan on discussing what was in our goody box. 

First up: Grayson.   It  hails from Meadow Creek Farms in the hills of southwestern Virginia. A washed-rind, raw cow’s milk cheese…Grayson, comes in a square form like Taleggio… STINKS TO HIGH HELL….but tastes so delicious.  Creamy rich…nice tang and goes perfect on a ham sammich.   Made by Meadow Creek Dairy…it’s worth the stench in your fridge.



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