Somebody pinch me…

i must be dreaming…Obama is our next president (Hallejluah!)  and now we have a new magazine devoted to cheese; Culture. Touted as America’s only cheese consumer magazine…it is sure to please all the cheese lovers of the US…and hopefully abroad.  The debut issue is set for December 2008.  You better believe I’ve already bought my subscription…I am so excited about this new venture.  It will be such a great outlet for increasing cheese knowledge and appreciation….

From Culture:

CULTURE, the magazine of cheese, farms, and flavor, debuts in Autumn 2008 as America’s only consumer cheese magazine. The quarterly, newsstand publication will obviously focus on cheese, which continues to grow in popularity, sales, and prestige. It will educate readers about the flavors of cheeses from the USA and around the world. It will show them the farms and dairies that produce the cheese. It will explain the science of cheesemaking. And it will provide tips on how to purchase and store cheese.
Unlike a typical gourmet lifestyle magazine, though, CULTURE taps into America’s growing awareness of local food growers, farm-to-table choices, and the desire to know the origins of our food. The magazine will blend the idea of a luxury food with a back-to-the land sensibility.
The tone will reflect the expertise of the editorial advisory board, but we will speak to readers in a friendly, encouraging manner. Our descriptions of cheeses will be enticing but realistic. Our profiles of cheesemakers will show their talent as well as their flaws and paint an honest portrait.


2 thoughts on “Somebody pinch me…

  1. Hi! Followed you over from RG’s forum. I’ll bookmark this site and keep up w/what you’re doing. Cheese is my favorite food group:-) If you’d like to visit my blog, you are welcome: See you around!

  2. Hello!
    I have an article appearing in the debut issue of Culture Magazine, and I’m hunting for more titles that might be interested in cheese-related articles. I of course have a list of the usual suspects, but if you know of any more obscure publications, I’d love to pitch to them. Look for my article in the new issue of Culture – a short profile on a local cheese seller in my area. Thanks for this site – it’s great!
    Lisa Lucke

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