my deepest apologies

I know I have been MIA lately.  LIfe has just been quite busy for us here in AZ…with work, school, quasi-parental duties…I have neglected my blog….and I am so very sorry.

So…where to begin?  Let’s start with our favorite new bar…well, favorite in a sense that we’ve been there twice…they have fried cheese curds…it’s a Packers Bar and you get draft Pabst Blue Ribbon beer for $1.50…and it’s served in a Mason jar.  Live country & western to boot.  Not what most of you would assume would be our watering hole….but…the food is good and simple…the beer is cheap and cold and you can toss your peanut shells on the floor.  It’s called the Buffalo Chip SaloonbclogoOne of the last cowboy bars out here in our neck of the woods.  Where we live, the horse rancher is king….the Buffalo Chip even has an area for you to tie up your ride…give it a cool drink of water while you load up on fried cheese curds and Pabst Blue Ribbon.  And yes…it is used often…you can tell by the huge piles of poop.  Sunday nites is Rodeo night and they have real-life bull riding.  Simon was quick to ask if anyone could ride the bull…and no, it’s only for professionals.  The minute I walked in the joint I was instantly taken back to my time in Austin, TX…nights at Jenny’s Little Longhorn Saloon.  It’s not often I can tolerate a night of country music….but this place is different.  It’s authentic.  The dust on the walls is at least a half inch thick…loads of vintage beer posters/neon signs…the house band in the corner..including a little old guy that plays a mean steel guitar and about 10 true to life old cowboys sitting around the bar in their ten gallon hats with thier horses tied up out back.  Just down the road is a Steeler’s bar called Harold’s.  I don’t like Harold’s as much at the Buffalo Chip.  Harold’s is a Harley bar…Harley’s are BIG out in these parts.  Lots of baby boomers livin’ the good life on thier Harley’s….kinda annoys me…but hey…at least they are having fun.


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