it has spread like the plague…

If you St. Louisan’s think you can only get provel and toasted rav’s in St. Louis:  YOU”RE WRONG!

I’ve been to three…count ’em 3 restaurants here in the Valley (the Valley refers to all the little cities here in the Scottsdale/PHX are….the local lingo) and they have all offered toasted ravioli.  They are described as “St. Louis Style”…..and one spot that puts provel on pizza.

No matter how far you go… can’t escape!


9 thoughts on “it has spread like the plague…

  1. I realized that “t-ravs” were more national earlier this year when I ordered a appetizer plate on vacation and there were some ravioli on it.

    Didn’t realize that provel was spreading, though. Wonder if the owner of that place has a St. Louis connection?

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