Finally…our first decent pie north of the 101

On Thursday…we went to a small little pizza parlor located in the tiny little town we live in.  Pizzafarro.  We went on a recommendation for a co-worker….so I was a bit skeptical.  But I was not disapointed.  The pizza was amazing!  We ordered the sausage and onion, thin crust.  The sausage is house made with strong overtones of fennel.  Simply great. the onions were hand sliced thin….and generously placed with the sausage.  The dough was perfect, crusty on the outside but with a nice tooth to it on the inside….made with flour, water and yeast….not FROZEN and PRE MADE….the owners were present and working the joint…one was in the kitchen…spitting image of an aged Mario from Super Mario Bros….even down to the mustache.  His wife, Vicky was working front of the house.

The sauce was spicy and a little sweet….not too much on the pie though….which is great.  The cheese (mozzarella) was flavorful and applied in nice even layers for great melting.

The decor was hilarious …I must admit.  Time warp even!  Reminiscent of an assisted living cafeteria…but I’ll overlook that for the pizza.

Thank God we found decent pizza out here…..I was getting worried.

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