Next on my list….

Andreoli Italian Grocer……

5 thoughts on “Next on my list….

  1. Hi Annie,

    I have another suggestion for your Arizona nosh quest: I just tried The Herb Box (DC Ranch-Pima & E. Thompson Peak Pkwy) last week and liked it so much I’m heading back there today! It’s a lot of the botox and bling crowd (gotta love Scottsdale), but the food was amazing. The coconut shrimp salad had all kinds of yummies like oranges, jicima, and avacados. Oh, and they make homemade sweet potato chips (thus earning my loyalty for life). I’m planning the butternut squash and corn enchiladas for lunch (sure, that’ll go with spc’s, right?) and I’m dying to hit there for breakfast some time. A friend of mine raves about the cinnamon buckwheat pancakes with dried blueberries. Yum!

    Glad you liked Oak’s Flapjacks in Cave Creek. That whole town is a hoot. I’m not brave enough to eat rattlesnake or scorpions or any of the other touristy “dare you to” cuisine, but there are some great places hidden in there too. The Cave Creek Coffee Company has the BEST salads anywhere and the coffee is roasted locally. They even do a pretty nice cheese plate in the wine bar.

    Being married to a cheesemonger must make you especially peticular about your cheeses. My husband worked his way through college making cheese at the WSU creamery (Cougar Gold–a must eat) and fell in love with the whole process. He is constantly on the hunt for “the great one,” that cheese that will make him weep. If you know of some we should be buying locally, please post. He’s in the wine business now, so we’ll always have something to drink with it!


  2. Windy: Thanks for the recommendation. We go to DC Ranch on occasion….and now we have another reason to go! And yes, I am particularly picky about my cheese….and so far I’m not impressed by what I’ve found here….and that’s sad.

    From what it sounds like…we might need to make dinner reservations for our husbands to talk shop!

  3. Hi Annie,

    if you love italian cheese you must know that there is a very good cheese tuscany product similar to the pecorino one but quite unknown and its name is Marzolino

    you can have an idea on but better taste it on your next travel to Tuscany 😉

    a cheese lover vagabond (occasionally around Italy and Touscany)

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