I want some red velet cake from Veruca…I want chicken liver terrine from Niche, a al pastor torta from Cherokee Street, cinammon roll from 222, and the ribeye from Erato……

alas, I will not have these things as I live in the middle of nowhere.  hmmmphf!

That’s an exageration.  We have some good spots up here (Binkley’s…..John…when are you going to stage…we are awaiting your arrival!)….we just haven’t had any time to eat out much. 

Things may slow down soon and we’ll get out and explore soon….i hope.


3 thoughts on “hmmmphf!

  1. Hey, I was serious about going down there to stage! I’m going to be in NYC for the next two weeks and I’m spending all my money there. Maybe at the end of the year.

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