Why did we move to Arizona? Well, let me tell you….

I apologize for not discussing this in more detail.  I have gotten all the emails asking “WHY ARIZONA”…and I’m sorry it has taken me this long to lay it on the line.

So here it goes:

We moved to Arizona to help Simon’s folks with a bit of a relocation dilema.  Background:  Simon has a brother that is 16.  Yep….he is the baby of the family.  There is a 15 year age difference between Simon and his brother.  Simon’s father builds malls. Back in the day he was one of the men that refurbished St. Louis’ Union Station (that is how Si got to St. Louis from WI)…years later he build the St. Louis Mills.  Well, as luck would have it, Simon’s dad took a postion in Arizona building not so much malls, but ‘communities’.  And as more luck would have it, the company he works for is building a new ‘community’ on the beautiful island of Kauai.  Now, the sad part comes in.   Baby brother could not move to HI with his parents b/c of school.  The school year in HI does not jive with the school year here on the mainland….so…baby brother is staying put here in AZ.  Enter the cheesemonger and his wife.  We moved to Arizono to be with Wilson while his folks do some serious commuting between HI and AZ.

There you have it.  We packed up our life in St. Louis to help out Si’s folks.  But, funny thing is….it is really helping us out as well.  We sold the house in St. Louis so that is one less thing to worry about (or pay for)…I can concentrate on going to school full time and working a traditional RN schedule (3 12 hour shifts/week) and we can hoard cash away to buy our dream farm.  It really worked out well for all parties involved.  The only downside is that we moved to the desert and left our friends and my family in St. Louis……BUT the upside is that Simon’s other brother is here in AZ with his wife and kids….so….it’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time with Simon’s family.  If his sister lived here (she’s in DC) we’d all be together.

Some have raised the question of dealing with one’s in-laws on such a personal level.  I am one of the lucky people:  I love my in-laws….it’s that plain and simple.  We get along really well….other folks are not so lucky from what I hear.

I am looking forward to this new experience.  The last time I lived with at 16 year old boy was…well, never.  By the time my brother was 16, I was at University.

This will be a learning experience.  I’ve actually learned a lot already.  For instance:  16 year old boys eat a lot….they espcially drink a lot of milk.  We’ve been here 2 weeks….I’ve been to the grocery store 5 times already…including Costco.  8 gallons of milk….that’s right 8 GALLONS!  When it was just me and Si…we didn’t go through 8 gallons a month!  But, growing boys are different…and he hasn’t even started wrestling practice yet.  And these folks are from Wisconsin, so you can only imagine how much they love thier dairy.

And to clarify our true whereabouts….we live in small town just north of Scottsdale…but we just tell everyone we moved to Phoenix b/c it’s easier than explaining where Carefree is.  Our town doesn’t get mail service….that’s how small it is.  We are about 45 mintues (without traffic) from downtown PHX.  I work at the a well known resarch hosptial (not going to name it for fear of legal action…but if you look up the hospital systems in PHX/Scottsdale…one name will jump out) in the OR now and Simon is heading up the cheese dept and a local gourmet food store….hopefully he will show these folks out here what real cheese is….cause they haven’t a clue!

So, this year will be full of suprises, challanges and lots of swimming as we now have a nice pool in our back yard.  I have a nice tan now…after getting a bit too rosy the first week.  You need to re-apply the block out here often…and you still tan.  Last night while walking the garbage out (in the dark) I heard someting rooting through the cans….I ran.  I’m still adjusting….but I’m loving it so far.  We have a list (see previous post) of new spots to try….there is a new farmer’s market going into downtown PHX and we have a very cute little local market here during the fall/winter/spring.  Most things are closed down now b/c of the unbearable heat.  But there is a cold front moving in….only 106 today.  And as much as I hate to admit it….it really is a dry heat…it’s still effing HOT but not as stifeling as St. Louis heat+humidity.

12 thoughts on “Why did we move to Arizona? Well, let me tell you….

  1. Sounds like an exciting adventure.

    I also liked my MIL…sometimes more than my own mom. They’re both departed now, but when they were alive they got along like gangbusters. Both widows; they ended up vacationing together several times. Holidays were very easy-no bickering over when we went where. The celebration was at OUR house!

    At one time I had THREE teenage boys at home! I’d buy four gallons of milk at a time (which is all that would fit in my refrigerator) and go back a couple of times before the next big shopping trip.

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  3. Welcome to Carefree, Annie!

    I found your blog by accident when I was looking for dining hours at Binks (I live next door in Cave Creek). We’ve been here for almost six years and I’m happy to report, the eating is great!

    Last week I had one of the best lunches EVER at Olive & Ivy (accross from Nordstrom at Fashion Square). Great service and they make everything from scratch on premise (including all the sauces and every single desert). Closer to home, I’ll admit I am addicted to Blu Burger at the Summit (I can’t pass up sweet potato fries) and Oak’s Flapjacks in Cave Creek. Oak’s is one of those breakfast joints with sticky tables and amazing food where you can’t help but have a great time.

    I hope you and your husband enjoy your adventure in the desert one bite at a time 🙂


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  5. Hi there. I just ran across your blog and saw the posts for both St. Louis and AZ. I, too, moved here from St. Louis. Nearly 18 months ago. Do you like it? I absolutely hate it here! In fact, after 2 – 3 months, I began job searching to leave (that’s going to be a black eye on the resume!). I don’t necessarily want to go back to St. Louis; I just want to get the hell out of the desert! I live in the SE valley, and it’s just awful. The other day I killed a bug that was 5 inches long — 5 Inches!! I doused it with 1/2 a can of bug spray, and then after it finally died, I got out my rule and took a picture of it because I knew nobody would believe me. Found out it was a palo verde root borer. Google it — YIKES! So, what you heard outside could have actually been a bug big enough to put a saddle on and not a rodent. Yes, it’s effing hot here, but you’re right — it’s not as bad as the humidity in St. Louis.

    Welcome to AZ. I hope you like it more than I do!

    PS. Love your blog!

  6. Hi! That bug sounds gross. I just found a sun spider in the living room yesterday. NOT PRETTY. I’m still adjusting to life here. I know it’s not where I want to stay….so I feel your pain. And, if you do get a job elsewhere, it won’t look bad on your resume….it’s very explainable and I think employers would appreciate your honesty when you say you were truly unhappy.

  7. I enjoy your posts on http://www.stltoday.com (over there, I go by “wiscgal.”) I didn’t realize that the cheesemonger was a WI boy. I, a transplanted St. Louisan, have been in WI for 21 years now. I, too, did some time at Barnes (I started nursing school there, and finished in WI.) Glad to hear that you’re settling in nicely – what a great opportunity for your husband and his brother to really get to know each other. Looking forward to reading about your culinary experiences out west!!

  8. Annie,

    I’m just catching up and reading your posts with great interest. I’ve heard wonderful things about the eating in Sedona, so if you ever get away for a weekend, I’ll have to send you a list of recommendations from my Sedona-loving parents. But it looks like you’re already meeting new friends with great recommendations. Best wishes with your new adventure! St. Louis foodies will certainly miss your advisement.

  9. Ashley! I hope you are doing well! Did you walk down the isle yet? We are going to Sedona next weekend….I’ll take some recommendations! Are your folks out this way? I am still having trouble adjusting to my new surroundings but I keep telling myself that this isn’t a permanent thing and we’ll be back home in a year or so! I still plan on commenting on St. Louis dining…even if I live in the desert for the moment. Good to hear from you.

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