One week down….51 more to go…

Well, it’s been an eventful week here in AZ.  I’ve managed to scorch my skin, get bitten twice by God knows what, eat out at some mediocre restaurants, have delicious home-cooked meals in my mother-in-laws kitchen (of which I have craved for since July.  We packed up our entire house back in July prior to our departure…so we were relegated to eating out exclusively….and I grew very very tired of the restaurant scene) and spend some good quality time with my nephews.  I have a list growing in my head of all the restaurants I want to try before we leave AZ.  I keep reminding myself that we don’t need to rush….we’ll have plenty of time.  Here is the list so far (please feel free to comment or add to it):

Cafe Bink (new cafe by Amy and Kevin Binkley of Binkley’s fame)



Cowboy Ciao


Pizzeria/Pane Bianco

The Estate House


Humble Pie

Roka Akor

….just to name a few.  Arizona Restaurant Week is in September so we are going to take advantage of that since we missed St. Louis’ Downtown Restaurant Week…again.

I start work next week…..yay.  School starts back up in September as well…..sooooo…stay tuned to see what is edible in Arizona!

sidenote:  I had the most amazing soup the other day…at the hospital!  Yep!  The soup was really really good…well seasoned with fresh ingredients…and my grilled cheese with rye and Swiss was amazing too!  Who would have thought that hospital food could be so delicious!  Lucky me, I guess.

And another thing:  my 2 1/2 year old nephew Jackson…he eats fruit…and loves veggies.  I witnessed him eat 3 raw mushrooms the other day and love it.  He would eat his weight in blueberries if you’d let him.

I wish all the kids in my family ate that well.  Heck, I wish I ate that well!

7 thoughts on “One week down….51 more to go…

  1. So cute! I love kids eating stuff stories. Mine will ask for jellybeans, but if I say – open the fridge and show her grapes, she forgets all about the jellybeans. It is joy.


  2. Wow, Mike: It’s like a little piece of home out here in the dessert! They even have PROVEL cheese!!!! I’m not sure that should be taken out of St. Louis! I wonder how it’s been recieved here????

    We went out to dinner the other night and it was mostly BBQ. I couldn’t bring myself to order the ribs b/c I knew they just wouldn’t live up to yours. Had the hamburger instead. It was gross. I haven’t had much luck with really good, easy food out here…..lots of chains and mediocre places…unless you want to drop big money…then you get good food.

  3. Welcome to the Desert!!! I love it out here in Phoenix. I packed up my things in STL in May and haven’t looked back.

    Just as a head’s up, Pizzaria Bianco is at least a 2.5 hour wait on a Wednesday night. There is a wine bar next door to wait in, but the pizza is worth the wait! I hope you enjoy your time here.

  4. This is an amazing collection of restaurants and a very affordable way to try them, as some can be pretty pricey. I’ve been wanting to try Roka Akor for a while now, they’re food looks great and I’m always looking for new and interesting Japanese food.

    Have you seen the video that Roka Akor made? It has some excellent photography of their food. Take a look, it’s what made me want to try it so badly.

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