Busch’s Grove=new grocery store

wonder what’s going to become of Ladue Market?

It is a neat space for a grocer.  With the new Whole Foods in Town and Country, the pre-existing WF on Brentwood, and all the long time Straub’s customers…I hope they do well.


Our Last Supper: Erato on Main

Don’t have much time to post…so sorry if this is short and choppy.  7 of us gathered at Erato On Main in E-Ville, IL last night for our ‘Last Supper’ of sorts.  Since our moving date has been solidified we have been trying to see all of our nearest and dearest.  Last evening was no exception.

Our regular wine tasting group meets a couple times a month and we have all been together for years now….so…ya know…we’re a close group.  It was a bittersweet meal…knowing we’d be leaving in a week, a couple in the group is now expecting their first child…..and we’d be missing seeing each other so often…but I digress:  let’s get on to the Erato tasting menu.  I’m lazy so you are going to get bullets: (and please remember I had wine so this is hazy at best and may be out of order)

  • Shrimp noodle with deep fried okra and a smoky chili sauce.
  • Reconstructed Caprese salad with frozen (via liquid nitro) olive oil and balsamic vinegar cubes and smoked salt
  • Sashimi over a peach/creme fraiche sorbet (my favorite) with truffled salt
  • scallop and crawfish on corn cake with truffled whip cream….HOLY LORD!  FANTASTIC!
  • smoked jalapeno sorbet (HOT…but cold….such an ironic dish…amazing)
  • smoked chicken in a purse of it’s own skin served with pan jus and spoon bread
  • peach brined pork with ham hock, chow chow and corn bread
  • local ribeye sereved over Ivan’s figs with blue cheese
  • assorted house made sorbet and molten chocolate cake and basil ice cream. (damn)

There may have been more but I was in a food delirium by the end of the night…..not to mention the amazing sparkling shiraz…and the great viognier…and cote du Rhone (who’s names escape me at this time)

What an amazing meal to have upon our departure.  I cried a little bit on the drive back to StL b/c not only are we leaving our friends and families…but our beloved restaurant  where the staff has become like family as well…..my heart breaks just a little when I think of not being able to go back for a whole year.