i love corn….Cary McDowell makes me love it more…

corn is really good…untouched…right off the stalk, shucked and eaten.  nothing fancy…just corn…it’s good.

That is how I always felt….don’t need to mess with it….great of it’s own merit…….

Then enters Cary McDowell, executive chef/owner of Revival.  His take on Mexican street corn…..what you get is a gorgeous ear of corn, not overcooked…but cooked just till heated through…slathered with rich sour cream, Crystal hot sauce and big dollops of tangy goat cheese.  It was the best ear of corn I have EVER EATEN!

Do yourself and your mouth a favor…go to Revival…get the corn….then get another one….wash it down with a cold beer and possible get one more.  It’s that damn good.

Just knowing this corn exists in St. Louis makes me so sad to leave and move to AZ.  No doubt I will be attempting a recreation of this corn when I get out West.  No doubt.

sidenote:  the other aspects of our meal at Revival were excellent…had the calamari, sweetbreads, chopped green goddess salad, supper steak, pizza and mac & cheese….everything was “lick your plate” good.  It’s not often I say that….but there is no mincing words about it…..McDowell delivered last night.  I’ll miss Revival.


3 thoughts on “i love corn….Cary McDowell makes me love it more…

  1. That sounds really good. Everybody is cooking with corn right now – I guess it is the vegetable of the season. I just made a neat grilled corn this past weekend.

  2. Calling all Grill Masters for the Gateway City Barbeque Festival

    Gateway City Barbeque Festival
    At the Old Rock House St. Louis
    July 3-4, 2009
    The contest is open to beginner and seasoned barbeque professionals and any team can take home the title of Grand Champion and $500.

    For more information and an application visit our website
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    Application deadline –July 1, 2009

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