My birthday used to be awesome….

now its not.  And it isn’t b/c I keep getting older…I kinda like that.   Its because my birthday is on July 4th and EVERYTHING is closed!!!!!!!!  When I was a kid…that was cool….no school EVER on your birthday…..everyone came over for a BBQ…you watched your Dad and Uncles get drunk and set of fireworks.  But that holds no appeal for me now.  Or…you would go to “The Lake” and God knows that is NOT an option for me.  I’ll pass on an overly crowded, disgustingly polluted, oil slicked man made lake.

All I want is a nice dinner…bottle of wine…maybe a few good beers….but NOOOOOOOO…’s America’s birthday too and we close everything down!  Stupid. Stupid Stupid.  I don’t want a backyard BBQ….jam packed with over cooked meat and pedestrian side dishes….I want to inhale a tasting menu at one of my favorite spots.  Enjoy being served in a beautiful restaurant.  This will not come to pass.   Guess I’ll have to celebrate on Thursday.

pity party for one.


8 thoughts on “My birthday used to be awesome….

  1. Fellow Firecracker here! I hated that all my friends had to do stuff with their families on my bday and couldn’t come over. But now I kind of like it. No work the day of, and I get to stretch my celebration out as much as I’d like- dinner thursday night for me as well. And I’m finally over my fear of fireworks.

  2. I have a tradition called “The Birthday Week”…sometimes I do a birthday ‘month’. But this year is different for some reason…I’m so busy at work…school is a bear and I just can’t seem to get into a celebratory mood. After my test today, I think I’ll feel better.

  3. As my kids have gotten older and moved away, I don’t have them at home on my birthday. I’ve decided that it’s ok, though; I have multiple celebrations! I think my personal best is the time I got 5–DH brought home dinner on the day of, we went out to a restaurant the weekend after, and each of the kids came at a different time when their schedule permitted. No cooking for me on ANY of them!

  4. Having just concluded “Birthday Month” last week it is now time for me to move on. Wife stopped me from having “Birthday Season” a few years ago. Seems she didn’t like that I was trying to claim both May and June, as my birthday is May 31. Does “Birthday Month” end with the 31st or start with the 31st. Seemed like “Birthday Season” was appropriate, but I was voted down.

    As far as the 4th of July, I can see why that would be a mixed bag. At least most in this situation would be off on their birthday every year. It would be a pain, though, that everything is closed. I can see how restaurant employees would be happy that they finally have a day off, and they would probrably be slow anyway. Now bars (wild or mellow or ones named “33”) on the other hand? I would think they would want to be open especially on a year like this where it falls on a Friday. But, alas, I am here to tell you I already tried convincing Jake and he wasn’t having it! LOL!

  5. I KNOW!! I can relate. My b-day is the 5th, but the situation is pretty much the same. I have more options than a person trying to celebrate on the 4th, but, for example, Atlas Restaurant closes for vacation, much of the Hill will be closed, and don’t even think about trying to get sushi anytime during birthday week. For some reason, Japanese restaurants close down the week after the 4th. It’s a good thing we know how to cook in my household!

    Happy birthday!

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