I don’t get out much…

but when I do…I try and make it as meaningful as possible. With school, long work hours….being social is getting trickier and trickier….but when I do have the opportunity to go out for the evening…..I like to make it count, ya know. And that is exactly what I did on Saturday night. Have you ever been to a perfect party? They are often unattainable…..and few and far between. But the gods were smiling on me this past weekend. I was a guest at a perfect party….the weather was perfect….the guests were so social and welcoming….everyone was just really really nice to talk to–genuinely good nice folks …..amazing food…good music….cold and tasty beer…and the host is one of our favorite people. Before I knew it…it’s was 1:30 in the morning….wow. I haven’t stayed up that late in a really long time…especially out at a party. I wanted to bottle up that night and keep it in the fridge so it would last longer.

perfect party.


7 thoughts on “I don’t get out much…

  1. Those are the best kind of parties! The one’s where you look up and can’t believe what time it is. So what good brews were served?

  2. We are still talking about it. There was one tap…a gorgeous IPA…Lagunitas. Yum. And the homemade pizzas….WOW. Perfect party.

  3. It was great to meet you and the cheesemongers wife’s husband, too. Funny how we have the degree’s of separation in Y-town, Ohio.
    I will try to be certain that every time I come back to E-ville that there will be a party thrown in my honor! I second that emotion about great food, great beer and really great people.

  4. Every so often, I have a day, or a party, or a minute that I don’t want to end. That’s what I remember reading your post. Thank you for bringing back that bit of perfection into my day.

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