Slay’s on Zaytoon

Another Slay opens shop downtown

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

With a father that was a state representative and a grandfather who was an alderman, it’s easy to assume that Mayor Francis Slay’s family business is politics.

It’s not.

Before Francis moved into Room 200, the Slays were far better known for their accomplishments in the kitchen than in elected office.

Slay cousins David and Lisa are both chefs – the latter who wears the toque at Remy’s in Clayton, the former whose restaurant empire spread to Los Angeles.

Slay brothers Michael and Raymond are also both experienced in the hospitality business.

The newest addition to the Slay culinary legacy comes from another mayoral cousin, Dennis, who, along with wife Nancy, earlier this year opened up Zaytoon, a Lebanese lunch stand that caters to downtown’s office dwellers. (The name means “olive” in Arabic; fittingly, it’s located at the intersection of 7th and Olive Streets.)

Zaytoon, which replaces a Mexican restaurant that had been at the location previously, offers traditional Middle Eastern fare with a twist. The menu includes Mediterranean staples such as shawarma and falafel, along with crossover items such as a “Bavarian ham” sandwich and the “Zaytoon Poor Boy” wrap.

Enjoying the cuisine on Monday was none other than mayoral pop and 23rd Ward Committeeman Francis R. Slay, who, of course, has run the banquet hall at St. Raymond’s Church for many years.

The new eatery is just a few blocks from City Hall, making it easy for the mayor not only to support family, but also downtown, which has been a priority of the Slay administration.

But don’t reserve a table for hizzoner just yet – the famously health conscious mayor is known to favor protein shakes and apples over hummus and fried chickpeas.

It’s very hard for me to leave work for lunch…but if I could I’d go to here.  Has anyone been??


3 thoughts on “Slay’s on Zaytoon

  1. I just walked by this place a couple weeks ago and made a note to eat there for dinner one night! It’s only open until seven on the weekdays and not at all on the weekends, which disappointed me. I live downtown but work in the county, so I would have to rush home to get a shwarma… something I would be willing to do if they are worth it.

  2. I have gotten some take out once. It was pretty good. I haven’t been back, but I have been meaning to hit it up again. I did run into Hank Slay when I was there, which was nice. Been a while since I’d run into him….

  3. We’ve been there twice with the work crowd. The first time, the food was kind of sparse for the price. The last time, everyone -mainly the boys who complained last time – seemed satisfied by the amount of food. I highly recommend the garlic chicken. The hummus was a good table dip to have too.

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