my life is sooooooooooo hard……

i whine that blurb often these days.

With working full time, being on call, going to school full time and taking the hardest course I’ve ever had to take…EVER!….i just can’t do all the stuff i want to to. Like sleep in, keep the house clean so it will sell, go to all the farmer’s markets, lounge at Veruca, hang out at the pool, go to Wisconsin for our annual fishing trip (plus see Grandma and Grandpa), cook, go to movies, ride my bike or drive to Edwardsville for dinner. Pity Princess…party of 1. 😦

It will get better (i keep telling myself that)


One thought on “my life is sooooooooooo hard……

  1. wait until you add kids to that equation:)

    This looks like a great blog. I just discovered it and forwarded it to my wife who also married a cheesemonger. I hope your dream of making cheese becomes a reality and good luck with the house! We live in Chicago-land and own a house in Michigan. Good luck with the nursing as well. I am familiar with the intensity of those curriculum’s.

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