Prairie Grass Farm EGGS!!!!!!!

They were at the TG Farmer’s Market!!! Didn’t think to ask about the doggie rumor! Just bought two dozen and boggied.

Making the ultimate breakfast sandwich right now. Egg from prairie grass, cheese from wisconsin, sausage from Heinkebein and bread from 222.

UPDATE:  So, the rumor mill says thus:  The puppies got out ate all the little chickens….not the full grown hens.  They were next years flock.  So….we will have eggs for the remainder of this season…don’t know about next.  No dogs were EVER harmed!


5 thoughts on “Prairie Grass Farm EGGS!!!!!!!

  1. I know!!! I thought of you when I was buying them. Glad you got some. I’m going to the Clayton Market this week. It’s goofy for me not too. The Merch opens at 0900 and I’m there…might as well go to the Market in Clayton instead of driving over to TG….even though we live in Benton Park…Clayton makes a little more sense…just b/c I’m already there after dropping Si off at work.

  2. According to my 85 year old dad, who raised chickens as a boy, they need a couple bantam hens to drive off any predators. Dad said they had a bantam hen for just that purpose. Her eggs aren’t as good – smaller I think – but she’s really mean.

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