Why I haven’t gone to Chicago in 2 years

I thought this was the most idiotic ‘law’ ever when it originated two years ago and I made a point to forget all about it. Then….after letting it slip my mind…it was brought up in conversation last week…I just assumed that Chicago had it ‘repealed’ almost immediately…because, in my opinion, what decent Chi-Townian could let something like this exist. Well, I was wrong…but luckily, somebody got some sense knocked into them in the Windy City and did something about it…they must have overheard my converstion.

Chicago overturns ban on foie gras in restaurants


5 thoughts on “Why I haven’t gone to Chicago in 2 years

  1. I’m headed there this weekend. I wonder how soon the restaurants will start serving it again. Any inexpensive dinner suggestions for a girls night out with my sister?

  2. If I was going to Chicago here is where I would most likely go:



    Topolobampo (Just b/c I like the way Rick Bayless talks)

    Table 52 (Art Smith’s new restaurant…well, not too new..you’d love it…Southern home cooking taken to the next level)




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