Who let the dogs out?….Prairie Farms is out of eggs for a while

Okay…that was a bad pun….you’ll get it after I tell you this sad story.

Prairie Grass Farms’ resident German Shepards got loose and terrorized the hen houses.  Majority of chickens were lost…and rumor has it that there will be no more eggs from Prairie Grass Farms.  So sad.  I wonder what they are going to do with the leftover chickens.  If we were in the new house I’d take them for my urban chicken project.

9 thoughts on “Who let the dogs out?….Prairie Farms is out of eggs for a while

  1. Arrrgh! That’s not good news at all. I’ve really been enjoying the Prairie Grass eggs from Local Harvest and Winslow’s Home. Are there are other sources of local eggs? I know Benne’s Best Meat has them, but I don’t do the drive all the way out to St. Charles as often as we go through eggs.

  2. Well, Dave…that’s a good question. Prairie Grass gave most of us our eggs. I am spoiled and have a friend with a small hen house and we get eggs from him…but he doesn’t sell them.

    Claverach has a good number of hens. I bet their egg sales will hit an all time high now.

  3. Farrar’s Farm sells eggs at Kirkwood Farmers’ Market, however, the dozen can contain different sized eggs.

  4. Thanks for the tips! Anyone know if Farrar or Claverach are at Maplewood or Clayton this year? I’m in U. City, and try not to waste all my local food karma on driving.

  5. Greetings all… John Nash from the Wine Merchant here. We’ll be carrying Claverach Farms eggs at both of our shops. Joanna dropped off a dozen for us to sample. Amazing, fresh, custardy, great texture and flavor too. We used to sell great eggs from Living Springs Ranch. The Claverach eggs are ven better. Here’s our website with our info…
    We get our first shipment on Thursday, October 9. Cheers.
    John Nash
    The Wine Merchant, Ltd.

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