Cheesemakers of the Week

Keepin’ it local this week…get out to one of our many wonderful farmer’s markets and pick this stuff up….it’s good!

Goatsbeard Farm is one of a few family farms in Missouri which is also a commercial goat dairy producing cheese. We have a herd of about 50 goats, and it is from their milk that all of our delicious fresh and aged cheeses are crafted. By remaining relatively small, and maintaining high standards at each stage of production, we can assure our customers the freshest, highest quality cheese—unlike any cheese you’ve tried before!

The Cheesemakers

Our primary cheesemaker is Ken Muno, who grew up in Michigan and studied Environmental Science at Oakland University. His knowledge and understanding of fine cheeses from around the world developed as he cut and served cheese to customers at Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor. His passion for making similar cheeses soon followed.

Ken’s training in the craft of cheese making began with an apprenticeship at Westfield Farm in Massachusetts, followed by additional training at Yerba Santa Dairy in California. These two dairies produce some of the most highly acclaimed goat cheeses in the country.


8 thoughts on “Cheesemakers of the Week

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  3. Boy, I miss Zingerman’s sometimes. They introduced me to so many fine things in life – great olive oil, real bread, real meat, real balsamico, and real cheese. I hadn’t realized that so much taste and variety existed before I walked through those doors. They did a great job of making it all not pretentious too – always ready to inform, and offer tastes.

  4. Oops. Meant to add how much I enjoy the Goatsbeard cheeses. My kids are going to bankrupt me on tubs of chevre, and I love the blue, and Walloon too. Great selection for Cheesemakers of the Week.

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  6. Maybe it’s a bit off topic, but I would absolutely love to devote a year or few of my life to a cheese apprenticeship. Do you perhaps know of any farms/cheesemakers who do this sort of thing? Any help would be much appreciated!!

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