You know you watch it…you know you are going to go to this:

“Top Chef coming to St. Louis”
by Gail Pennington

Bravo is launching a long list of “brand extensions” for Bravo shows, with the most emphasis on “Top Chef.” The cookbook is already out, as is a mobile game; the additions include a “Top Chef” cruise in May 2009 (sounds like so much fun to me, except for the cruise part), a “Top Chef” culinary school and — most interesting for us — a “Top Chef” tour that will visit 20 cities, including St. Louis, beginning in New Orleans in a couple of weeks. Here are the available details, with more to come.

Kicking off NCTA’s “The Cable Show” in New Orleans on May 18, Bravo will launch “Top Chef: The Tour, a 20-city tour featuring a cooking experience that replicates the challenges on the series and hosted by former “Top Chef” contestants. A customized “Top Chef” 18-wheeler semi-truck will travel to 20 key markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, St. Louis, Detroit and Denver, giving fans a first-hand look at how to make it as a top chef – complete with cooking demonstrations, gourmet tips and show secrets.


4 thoughts on “You know you watch it…you know you are going to go to this:

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  2. Until last year, I was living in SF for the last 4 years, working in the food and wine industry. I watched the first season of Top Chef unfold around town and have had chef friends on every season. Now that I am back in the STL, it is hard to find people who love food and wine as much as I do! I CANNOT wait for this! Plus it will hook me back up with some of my friends that were on the show…

  3. Well Angie…welcome back to STL. There are plenty of people who are food crazy here…you just may have to look a little deeper. Check out my St. Louis Blog links for some of our local crazies.

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