Tangerine, Lo….now Seven….oh the many night’s I can’t remember

There will be a new spot for you to forget your troubles….located in beautiful downtown Belleville.

Um, I’ve never been to B-Town so I can’t tell you how much I love it. What I can tell you is that the new bar Seven, run by Blake Brokaw will be having their Grand Opening tonight.

Here’s the scoop on the joint:
7 South High Street
Belleville, IL, 62229
Phone: 618-277-6700
Fax: 618-277-6703

Thanks, Thomas.

****note: Word has it that Blake Brokaw is NOT the chef at Seven…he just consulted on the menu.


do you know whats good?

salt cod…that’s what. especially when you put it with some regular cod, some cream and other stuff I didn’t ask about and make it into a brandade like Gerard Craft does…then put some sauteed ramp on it and top it with a big fat farm-fresh fried egg….with some lemmony butter sauce….and wash it down with a sav blanc…

thats whats good. period.