Summer Internship at Berger Bluff Farm

We had the joy of spending Sunday out at Lee & Ingrid Abraham’s farm in Berger, MO! What an amazing day!!!! It was very hard for me to leave after a wonderful brunch and afternoon walking the farm. I have fallen in love with their daughter Leena…I only hope someday our kid is as cool as she. She made us laugh with her prom night story….and she loves Feist just as much as I do and even went to the show in StL last week. Coolest kid around….she even ate the cheese rind….most teenagers wouldn’t have even put the strange cheese in their mouth….not Leena…she’s awesome.

Simon says our visit got me “farmcited!” (farm+excited). And yes….I am beginning to long for our own little plot of land and to leave the city behind. I would be happy just to move in with Lee & Ingird. I just need to finish grad school first…well, maybe I don’t…I might be able to finagle a way to do it from a farm….ah….a girl can dream…

Anyway….Berger Bluff Farm is in need of a summer intern(s). See below for details:

We are looking for one or two apprentices for the 2008 growing season. Work will include all facets of vegetable farming: propagation, transplanting, cultivation, irrigation, harvest, packout, and delivery. We market our produce in St. Louis at a farmers’ market and restaurants. Our prime consideration is that we find a person or persons who have a passion for gardening/farming-and are willing to work hard, listen to instruction, and apply the information. The intern must enjoy working around others and be flexible to the needs of the farm. Housing is provided in a one-bedroom, restored log house with kitchen and bathroom facilities. We offer a monthly stipend and produce during the season. Please contact us if you are interested.

If you are not familiar with Berger Bluff Farm, I am so sorry! You are missing out! You can find them at the Green Market in the CWE….you will NOT be disappointed with their bounty! Please check them out once the Green Market opens this season. I was introduced to them when I began dating Simon…all those years ago! Sidenote: Lee and Ingrid were the very first people I was introduced to as Simon’s girlfriend!!! AWWWW.


5 thoughts on “Summer Internship at Berger Bluff Farm

  1. OK, you simply CAN’T post tempting blurbs about summer internships at super cool farms when I’m having a bad day at work, because right now I’m in immediate danger of quiting my job and moving to Missouri. Walt doesn’t really need to go to college and he can live off the land! Right?

  2. Hello!

    I am a sophomore at Oregon State University majoring in Animal Sciences – Pre-Vet program and I would love an opportunity to do a summer internship at your ‘Berger Bluff Farm’!

    My advisor mentioned your business and told me to give it a ‘shot’ and see if it isn’t too late to enquire.

    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Meghan E Ralph

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