Even though my name has changed

I’m still the Annie Denny you all know and love. It’s amazing to me how many people do not know that my last name changed to Lehrer. I have tons of folks emailing me (whom I’ve known for over 10 years) asking who I am. Uh…It’s ME!….Annie Denny…now Annie Lehrer. And some of them were even AT MY WEDDING!!!!

I had no issues changing my last name..no identity crises etc. ….until now..one year later. So for the record: ANNIE DENNY=ANNIE LEHRER. pass it along.


One thought on “Even though my name has changed

  1. I’m having the opposite problem (I kept my last name). Yesterday, a colleague had trouble finding my direct office number because she assumed it would be listed under my married name and she couldn’t remember what my husband’s last name is.

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